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Phillip Philbeck

Phillip Philbeck has been painting rustic and natural landscapes, as well as still-lifes, his entire life. Painting is the only job he's ever held. At age 23, fresh out of college with an Associate of Arts degree, he signed on with a firm that marketed and sold limited edition art prints and posters of his original work. Actually, he painted and sold originals as far back as age 13. And even before that, in the second and third grade, he sold drawings of hot rods to classmates for $2.50. But landscapes are his main focus now. "I grew up around these things and have an emotional connection to them,' he said. "I simply know them better than anything else.'

Philbeck said he's always preferred the look and feel of using oil paints in his art, prints and posters. "It accounts for 95 percent of my work,” he said. "It has a full, ‘meaty' quality that I love. And it's easy to make corrections. Oil dries slowly, so you can manipulate the paint longer. Gouache has a dry quality that I favor.” When doing small color studies for his larger oils, Philbeck will sometimes work in acrylic because it dries quickly. "But this quick drying aspect is unfavorable to me for larger works,” he pointed out. "Oil has been my preferred medium since my early to mid-teens.”

"I would describe my style as realism mostly,” he said, "with a small touch of romanticism here and there. I've always been this way.” Art has always been an interest of Philbeck's, as far back as he can remember. "I was always fascinated by color,” he said. "As a child, I'd check out books at the school library that had a colorful cover or illustrations, even though I had no interest at all in the literary content.” Young Phillip enjoyed flipping through outdoor catalogs that had Christmas and greeting cards with wildlife art, prints and posters. He also liked art books with Old Masters landscapes in them. "Art is an emotionally based thing. I don't think it. I feel it.”

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