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Dixie Fowler

Akiko Takahashi

Dixie Fowler

Artist Biography

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Dixie Fowler

Dixie Fowler is a self-taught artist with a style reminiscent of the French Impressionists. Like them, Fowler is inspired by her garden and frequently introduces the viewer to aspects of its beauty in her poignant still life art, prints and posters.

She recreates in her art, prints and posters what she sees as the beauty that suffuses nature. Favoring vibrant colors to accentuate the richness that abounds in nature, she juxtaposes real objects that she treasures with a bounty of garden florals.

Fowler's loose brush strokes and lost edges convey a sense of mystery and illusion in the real objects that she paints. Like still life masters that have preceded her, Fowler creates an impression that there is no deliberate order to the arrangement in the art, prints and posters; a feeling of "It was just there when I walked into the room”.

Dixie Fowler Art, Prints and Posters Collection