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Linda Nelson Stocks

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Linda Nelson Stocks

Artist Biography

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Linda Nelson Stocks

Inspiration to be idyllic came from her real-life childhood days on the farm in Illinois, which was home to five generations. Days were spent exploring the farm and its fields; something interesting was always waiting to be discovered.

Rich loamy soil, winding creeks running through fields of wildflowers, rustic farmhouses with barnyard animals provide the perfect backdrop for the horse drawn carriages and hoop skirts of days gone by depicted in her art, prints and posters.

What was once simply a pastime became an international business. Linda didn't start painting seriously until her mid 30's and never took an art lesson. Since 1982, she has been doing a calendar for Lang Graphics. That's been 204 paintings at about 150 hours each painting. Collectors of her art, limited edition prints, posters, the traditional calendar, Christmas and note cards and folk art porcelain villages are found not only in the States but Japan, Australia and Germany.

Linda Nelson Stocks Art, Prints and Posters Collection