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Terry Redlin

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies Framed Open Edition on Canvas

Price:  $495
Item#:  98954
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14 x 24 in.
Framed Open Edition on Canvas
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about this piece

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
Silver Framed Canvas Print

by Terry Redlin

I have great admiration for those pioneers who left the security of their homes and headed west in covered wagons. So much land, so much sky. A whole new world opened up to them. This picture attempts to capture that sense of adventure and the grandeur of the immense western landscape. As one of the guides inspects a wagon wheel and talks with the driver, a lone eagle soars high overhead, symbolizing a sense of freedom that the young country was experiencing.

First in the >America the Beautiful series by Terry Redlin. Unsigned and unnumbered open edition canvas transfer from a print with an image size of 14 x 24. Framed size 32.25 x 22.25 with 2-3/4 antique, speckled silver-finished moulding.

Silver Framed O Beautiful for Spacious Skies Canvas

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