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Terry Redlin

Harvest Memories Framed Deluxe Elite Open Edition on Paper

Price:  $260
Item#:  30996
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24 x 14 in.
Framed Deluxe Elite Open Edition on Paper
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about this piece

Harvest Memories
Deluxe Walnut Framed Open Edition Print

by Terry Redlin

In this colorful image we can almost hear the whir and roar of the old threshing rig, feel the intensity of the crew straining to feed the machine's voracious appetite, and wonder at the fast growing mountain of golden straw. As a young boy I watched such scenes in awe, the artist comments, and noticed that the dust and chaff could be so thick that it almost obscured the sun! This image is also something of a self-portrait because I am the boy pulling the lunch wagon. Notice that the kids have more in mind than a day filled with farm chores. Soon they will be off to a nearby lake, pulling the gear-laden wagon appropriately named, Terry's Fishing Rig.

Elite open edition art print made from the original oil painting. Image size, 14 x 24. Framed size 24 x 34 with 1.5 classic walnut moulding. Deluxe framing option with khaki faux suede outer mat and brass nameplate.

Deluxe Walnut Framed Harvest Memories

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