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Bev Doolittle

Hide and Seek Seven Print Suite

Price:  $1200
Item#:  3

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27 x 20.75 in.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered Limited Edition
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7 - 9 days plus transit time
Fedex or UPS
*Canadian Orders
about this piece
Bev Doolittle's Fine Art Print, Hide and Seek, brings an entirely new dimension to the world of art in an exquisite seven-piece collector's suite. Twenty four individual pictures of Pintos, set against a background of rock and snow make up this beautiful set. Placed together by the artist in a totally unique composite, the words Hide and Seek spring to view.

'I always saw this painting as a total design spelling out the words HIDE AND SEEK. To me, each one of the twenty-four individual paintings were just one-twenty-fourth of the total image. It wasn't until a business meeting with my publisher that I realized how much people liked the individual paintings. There were six or eight of us sitting around a conference table looking at the twenty-four finished paintings and everyone started picking their favorites. The composite image became forgotten in the discussion over the various merits of the individual paintings. It was finally decided to select the six most popular images and publish them as a portfolio of individual limited edition prints. These six prints have been reproduced the same size as the originals so that all the detail could be retained.'-Bev Doolittle

All 7 prints in this suite are numbered with matching numbers, 2 are signed. The large composite print is signed and the Cameo F print is signed. The six popular images mentioned above are included in this portfolio as individual prints and the one that comes from the lower right corner (Cameo F) of the composite print is hand-signed by Bev Doolittle.
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