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Charmed Original Drawing Scene 10

Price:  $129.99
Item#:  20734

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9.5 x 8 in.
Limited Edition
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about this piece
Original Cleaned-up Drawing from The Little Mermaid's Episode 8,Charmed, Scene 10 depicts Princess Ariel.

This Original One-of-a-Kind Production Art from an original Walt Disney Television Animation production is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Traditional animation is a multi-step process which includes various types of art techniques. Drawings are a key part of the process, in which the animator creates the design and movement of the characters. Drawings are then transferred onto acetate cels (by hand-inking and/or photo copying) to create a production cel, which is then hand-painted on the back side, using paint colors chosen and approved by the creators of the series.

Original Production Backgrounds are used in the making of the final version of animated productions. The background establishes the location and overall mood of the scene. When these backgrounds are individually photographed behind a progression of production cels, and projected in rapid succession, the images in the foreground appear to move, creating an animated scene.

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