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Terry Redlin

Lights of Home Framed Deluxe Horizon Open Edition

Price:  $255
Item#:  98684
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27 x 8.5 in.
Framed Deluxe Horizon Open Edition
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about this piece

Lights of Home Deluxe Walnut Framed Horizon Art Print

by Terry Redlin

In many ways small towns are alike. One of the most common similarities is the big house on the hill. On the highest point of land lives the town's banker, doctor, pioneer land owner or other prominent person. And often this residence is an active social center for the community. Such a story is recounted in this painting, a familiar remembrance from the artist's small town background. All the lights in the big house have been turned on, a sign of welcome for arriving guests. The dog knows from experience that when this happens company is expected, and he waits on the road with anticipation. Below the big house we see other familiar small town sights-the square, the church and, barely visible behind the house, the school building.

Horizon open edition art print made from the original oil painting. Image size, 8.5 x 27. Framed size 18.5 x 37 with 1-7/8 2-tone classic walnut finish moulding. Double matting with Thicket (tan) suede outer mat and brass nameplate.

Deluxe Walnut Framed Lights of Home

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