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Terry Redlin

Breaking Cover Framed Premium Pinnacle Open Edition

Price:  $255
Item#:  98363
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11.25 x 20 in.
Framed Premium Pinnacle Open Edition
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about this piece

Breaking Cover - Ruffed Grouse
Premium Framed Pinnacle
Open Edition Print

by Terry Redlin

We have startled the ruffed grouse from the dense underbrush, and they break cover with a great rush of beating wings. Before veering away and again disappearing into the woods, we can clearly see their distinctive reddish brown fan shaped tails and dark neck ruffs. They will quickly disappear from sight, leaving us with only a blurred image and a beautiful view across the valley.

Open edition art print from the >Pinnacle Framed Prints Collection featuring vertically cropped images excerpted from Terry Redlin's previous limited edition print. Image size, 20 x 11.25. Framed size 32.125 x 23-3/8 with 3 rustic matte-finished moulding. Double matting with faux texgtured burnished-brown outer mat and brass nameplate.

Premium Framed Breaking Cover-Ruffed Grouse Pinnacle Print

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