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Terry Redlin

Campfire Tales Master Stroke Collection Canvas Framed Grain

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Item#:  14365
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13.75 x 7.75 in.
Master Stroke Collection Canvas Framed Grain
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Campfire Tales
Walnut Framed Open Edition
Linen Print

by Terry Redlin

As a boy, Terry Redlin listened in awe as his father carefully planned hunting and fishing trips. He was too young to participate, but never forgot the excitement and wonder of those special times. The homemade camper top on the old pickup is a forerunner of the modern versions. The four deer are secretly watching the activities. Only in the morning will tracks reveal their presence. The man launching the wooden canoe occasionally dipped, as we detect from the Copenhagen can vaguely outlined in his rear pocket. And the group's tall storyteller relaxes in a folding chair, hands extended, to recall the big one that got away. As the misty smoke rises to greet the moon we, too, can share in Terry Redlin's unique vision of man's romantic encounter with life in the wild.

Master Stroke open edition art print on linen. Image size, 7-3/4 x 13-3/4. Framed size 13 x 19 with wood-grain-finish moulding.

Campfire Tales Linen Print-Walnut Frame

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