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Simon Smith

Advance From Utah

Price:  $285
Item#:  82485

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28 x 19 in.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered Limited Edition
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about this piece
It had been a rough ride for the men of 101st Airborne∆s Easy Company. With heavy flak tearing into the C-47s carrying the paratroopers inland, the original drop plans had gone horribly awry and the men found themselves scattered, many lost without weapons or supplies. They knew that the largest amphibious force in history would be landing on Utah Beach in only a few hours, and was counting on them to secure the area behind the beach. As the Allied landing approached, First Lieutenant Dick Winters and the small force of the dozen men he∆d managed to gather were ordered to take a battery of four German 105mm Howitzers at Br?court Manor, which were zeroed in on Utah Beach. In a remarkable feat of tactics that would be studied and emulated for decades to come, Dick Winters and his tiny force destroyed not only the battery, but also the deadly machine-gun positions nearby.

Signatures May Vary by Edition

All prints in the Limited Editions, Remarque's and Tributes have been hand-signed by two highly respected men associated with Easy Company and the Band of Brothers:

Emmy Award winning Actor DAMIAN LEWIS

This SIX signature edition is issued with a unique and highly prized ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Simon Smith, which is personally hand signed by Easy Company veteran, EARL McCLUNG. Each drawing is conservation matted to include Museum quality reproduction jump wings, Screamimg Eagle patch and the original pencil signatures of a further three prominent original members of Easy Company that fought during D-Day and the Normandy campaign:

Staff Sergeant EARL E. McCLUNG
First Lieutenant śBUCK∆ COMPTON (matted)
Corporal FORREST L. GUTH (matted)
Tech Sergeant DONALD G. MALARKEY (matted)

At the date of release this is the ONLY print edition that Damian Lewis has ever signed and will prove highly desirable for any collector.

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