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Ron DiCianni

Praying With the Presidents Hardcover Book

Price:  $10.95
Item#:  914763
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about this piece
Designed for school age children and families, Ron DiCianni brilliantly reminds Christians that our nation has been led by men of God from the start. By using the very words of each President as they express their views on prayer and confess their beliefs in God, Praying With the Presidents shows how America has a history of political heritage that is inseparably intertwined with its spiritual heritage. If you have a child in public school, more likely than not they are being told that we are a nation that separates church and state… this book shows that the very words of all 43 Presidents prove otherwise!

This book features Praying for Peace, as pictured on the cover.

‘One day after a once in a lifetime call from the White House, I embarked on a painting of President George W. Bush in prayer. Not knowing that two of his favorite portraits are of Washington and Lincoln, I felt to show them both praying for the President, ghosted back as if in a different dimension. The painting became known as Praying for Peace. After hearing so much misinformation concerning our nation's past, the book nearly wrote itself!'
-- Ron DiCianni

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