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Rod Frederick

Fire And Ice 2 Print Suite

Price:  $119.99
Item#:  3222

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8 x 8 in.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered Limited Edition
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$19.95 or less when combined

24 hours plus transit time
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about this piece
Northern Cardinals are so bright and have a distinctive shape. They are easy going birds; not aggressive or garden bullies. They are seed eaters so they don't really attack other birds. They're very widespread and come to bird feeders and eat sunflower seeds all year round.

The Western Bluebird is similar to the Eastern Bluebird with the exception of a slight difference in coloring, the Eastern has white parts on its underside while the Western has orange or rust on its back. They're both all season birds and are predominantly insect eaters. They are also quite timid.

The bluebird has been decreasing in numbers in recent years for a variety of factors - mostly an encroachment of civilization - they're not as common as they used to be so conservationists are encouraging folk to put up bluebird nests.

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    Rod Frederick

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