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Morgan Weistling

Crossing The Cheyenne River, Summer, 1850 Giclee on Canvas

Price:  $1295
Item#:  86154

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47 x 28 in.
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about this piece
Fueled by hope, optimism and necessity, pioneers began to push beyond the Mississippi in earnest by the mid-1800s. Some of these emigrants went west in search of land, some in search of gold & silver and some, for religious freedom.

Weistling's paintings of pioneer history capture the heart and soul of the frontier experience because he opens himself up to the unique human experiences and details what he observes while researching his work.

I actually travelled to South Dakota and assembled this crossing, like I was putting together a movie, Weistling explains. I found a young lad who had his own oxen and he would bring them to the river when I had everything else in place. Once I witnessed this kid's amazing ability to make these oxen do whatever he wanted and saw him lead them through the river ― I knew my painting had found its hero.

This was a boy raised on the frontier just like the early pioneers I love to depict. And there he was, real and in front of me. The father knew he could trust his son to lead the oxen through the river while he pushed the wagon from the rear. This was something they had done many times previously, just as the pioneers. This painting honors the legacy of the pioneer toughness of our forefather's children as much as it does their own.

Is it a source of pride for you that your ancestors braved the uncertainties and perils of the trails westward to achieve freedom and prosperity for themselves and future generations? Honor that rich legacy with a Fine Art Edition of Morgan Weistling's Crossing the Cheyenne River, Summer, 1850.

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