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Martin Grelle

Trappers in the Wind Rivers Giclee on Canvas

Price:  $1750
Item#:  41701

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38 x 30 in.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered Limited Edition
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15 - 22 days plus transit time
Fedex or UPS
*Canadian Orders
about this piece
The setting for Martin Grelle's Trappers in the Wind Rivers is a few miles west of the Wind River, and northeast of the Wind River Range of mountains in what is now west-central Wyoming. The time period is early April of 1833. After having been in winter camp for months, two free-trappers have begun the spring harvest on a small stream where they have discovered a beaver lodge. They have begun the task of setting traps, which includes placing dried wooden stakes a few feet from the bank to which the chain of the trap itself is attached. They have removed their coats to keep them dry, but have left their leggings on as protection from the still frigid waters. In their busy-ness, they have let 3 Indians approach to a close distance unnoticed, and must now deal with the circumstances. The Indians are Crow, or Apsaalooka, and chances are it will be a peaceful encounter, followed by a night of keeping watch over their livestock - as the Crow are well-known for their horse-stealing abilities.

A few months later, in July, the annual rendezvous was held on the other side of the mountains at the junction of Green River and Horse Creek. It is said that more than 165 packs of beaver pelts were traded at that rendezvous.

This is Martin Grelle's May 2009 Release.

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