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Lee Bogle

In the Beginning Artist's Proof Giclee on Canvas

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30 x 30 in.
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about this piece
In the Beginning by Lee Bogle

In 1983, while working as a high school art teacher, I did a very detailed pencil drawing that I titled 'In the Beginning'. I worked for over a year on this drawing, which depicted the Biblical account of creation.

This drawing, which was put into print, marked the beginning of my professional career as a full-time artist . Because of the emotional attachment I felt about this piece of work, I never tried to sell it or exhibit it. I stored it away in my studio.

We had a flood in our home and water damaged the drawing almost beyond repair. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. I stored it away again, this time wrapping it in plastic. It remained in storage for many more years. In September of 2010, while organizing my studio, I came across this old drawing and felt as if I had become reacquainted with an old friend. Again, I could not throw it out. Something inside of me began to consider the idea of restoring it.

The greatest challenge was to try to flatten this old piece of work, which was warped badly from the flood. It looked like a very weathered old potato chip. I soaked it in water, which further faded the drawing, but allowed it to lay flat. I then sandwiched it between two large pieces of plywood and clamped it. After a few days, I opened it and there before me was a perfectly smooth and flat but faded old drawing.

I immediately put it on my easel and began to think about 'what now'. How much time could I devote to the re-creation of this piece. I decided to sit down and paint, with bright colored pastels, one new flower. It literally jumped out of the picture. It was exciting to me. Each day, I went down to my studio with full intentions of working on the other paintings that I normally do, but I found myself drawn to my 27 year old drawing. It seemed to be begging for my attention. I added another image.

As the days went by, I continued to work on this old drawing. I found myself becoming obsessed as I added more and more vibrant colorful new forms of life. As the weeks and months went by, I found great delight as I watched this painting take on a life of it's own. I selected complex and beautiful fish, flowers, birds, and butterflies that seemed to scream out that they have been designed by God. I used my younger son as the model for Adam, who is about to be given the gift of life and consciousness by a simple touch to the forehead by the hand of an infinitely loving and creative God.

It took me seven months to complete this very heartfelt work. I humbly introduce to you the new version of 'In the Beginning'.

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