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LeRoy Neiman

Wine Alfresco Hand Pulled Serigraph

Price:  $4200
Item#:  1941

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33 x 21.75 in.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered Limited Edition
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about this piece
Wine Alfresco is published as a suite together with a deluxe, limited edition of the artist's newest publication, The Prints of LeRoy Neiman, 1991 - 2000, the third volume of his catalogue raisonne. Leather-bound, individually numbered and signed by the artist, this 212-page volume contains lavish reproductions of the 82 serigraphs and 5 etchings that Neiman has created since publication of the previous volume, The Prints of LeRoy Neiman, 1980 - 1990. Also featured are photographs of the artist in the company of many of the well-known subject of his paintings. An essay, Neimanland, by art critic and historian Jan Avgikos, examines LeRoy Neiman's remarkable career as a painter and artist of the people.

Of special value to art collectors, dealers and historians is the Comprehensive Index of Graphics, a two-part index that compiles all of the artist's work from all three volumes of his catalogue raisonne. In the first part, the titles of the works are listed alphabetically. The second part presents smaller, full color reproductions of every image which appeared in Volumes I and II. For the first time, every image published by the artist is available in a single resource, in color, with the definitive record of titles, media, date, image size and edition size. The Prints of LeRoy Neiman, 1991 - 2001 will be an essential acquisition for every Neiman collector.

In Wine Alfresco, the artist characteristically pays homage to the good life while paying tribute to an influential figure in his career. After a morning sailing the Mediterranean, a yachtsman has tied up by the peninsula of Cap Ferrat and with his guests ascended a verdant hill to enjoy a petit dejeuner. As the guests celebrate their glorious day with fine libation, the host ponders a new offering from the sommelier. Once fed and refreshed the party will again set sail, this time heading due east for an evening appointment with the croupier in the salle privee of the casino at Monte Carlo.

The captain of this particular yacht is none other than Dr. Armand Hammer, international entrepreneur, power broker and patron of the arts. Long-time friend of LeRoy Neiman and President of both Hammer Galleries and Knoedler Publishing, Dr. Hammer was uniquely instrumental in the extraordinary achievements of the artist. Dr. Hammer has made cameo appearances in two other Neiman prints. In Baden-Baden he sits contentedly behind a large pile of chips won at the roulette wheel. In Regent's Park he is sitting in a lawn chair with his nose buried in the Financial Times, reading the stock tables and news of his company, Occidental Petroleum. In placing Dr. Hammer in Wine Alfresco, on the occasion of the publication of a compendium of his entire ouvre, the artist affectionately acknowledges the influence of his mentor.

We are happy to bring you fine art serigraphs. Serigraphs are produced by hand pulling the fine art paper through the printing screen for each color. Each serigraph is produced under the close supervision of the artist. The time and effort required to produce a serigraph are much greater than most printing processes, which usually results in very low and collectable edition sizes.
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