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Jane Wooster Scott

Mitzi's World Hardcover Book

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about this piece
Mitziís World: Seek and Discover More than 150 Details in 15 Works of Folk Art. A fun childrenís game and folk art, one of the most popular art styles, come together to create a wonderful search-and-discover book.

In Mitziís World every detail is worth seeing. Young readers will enjoy following Mitzi, the spotted dog with a red collar, through all four seasons of the year as she explores the towns, farms, and countryside of America, vividly brought to life by folk artist Jane Wooster Scott.

Along with Mitzi there are plenty of other objects to uncover, whether they are candy canes in winter, sailboats in spring, sand castles in summer, or pumpkins in fall. Children will be introduces to counting concepts, seasons, and colors, while the entire family can enjoy the highly beloved folk art form with its colorful and accessible scenes.

Story written by Deborah Raffin, and illustrated by Jane Wooster Scott. 32 full color pages. Hand signed by Jane Wooster Scott on first page.

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