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James Christensen

Fantasies of the Sea Open Edition on Paper

Price:  $45
Item#:  14145

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18 x 30.5 in.
Open Edition on Paper
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about this piece
A regal lady and her entourage glide through the shadowy depths of the ocean floor. She is adorned with elegant ornaments of the sea - her crown a gorgeous calico shell and her sceptor topped with a delicate, spiralled conch. Fittingly, she rides a lion-fish, a noble denizen of this marine jungle. Below her rides the court exchequer. Mounted on a puffer fish, he wears the smug expression of high authority - despite the fact that some sand dollars have slipped from his belt and stream behind him. A hunchbacked court jester astride a clownfish gives us s knowing look. The precession is led by a well-armored knight bravely carrying a spiny-conch shield and riding his steed - a spiny lobster - ready to do battle with any adversary. Mermaids float dreamily in the background, a moray eel glides furtively along the ocean floor.

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