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Don Stivers

Tawakalna Sunset

Price:  $125
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24 x 17 in.
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about this piece
Don Stivers Tawakalna Sunset

The situation was certainly nothing new to the 'Dragoons.' As the oldest, continuously serving regiment in the United States Army, the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, rushed to the scene of impending action as they had been doing for over a century and a half, from the primitive Everglades of the 19th-Century Florida, to the deadly fields of the American Civil Way, to the tank-killing pace with Patton driving across France. America call- they went, this time to the ancient sands of the Saudi Arabia.

By 3:30 in the morning of February 25, 1991 the regiment was ordered to fix on the Republican Guard's crack Tawakalna Division while two US armored divisions pivoted north on them. Army Command Center orders were simple: destroy the Republican guards by 27 February. Patton would have loved it.

Despite unpredictable weather ranging from chilly, stormy and wet, to blinding dust storms called Shamals, the Dragoon Battle Group's thermal sights and laser ranger finders worked perfectly- space-age technology on an eons-old battlefield. After several running fights - with the 2nd ACR's M1A1 Abrams main battle tank and close air support coordinating superbly - a major battle on the 73 Easting littered the desert with burning enemy T-72 tanks and surrendering enemy soldiers. During the 115 hour ground offensive, the Dragoons fought 82 hours and shattered the Tawakalna Division.

Don Stivers portrays the battle fought on the afternoon on February 26 and through the night as the unit moved eastward. Colonel L. D. Holder in the foreground issuing orders coordinating M1A1's tanks, M2A2's, Scout and Attack Helicopters. In the background the artist has shown the many sudden variations of weather encountered during the fighting.

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