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David Maass

Cascade Crossing - Ruffed Grouse Framed Mini Open Edition

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7 x 5 in.
Framed Mini Open Edition
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about this piece

Cascade Crossing - Ruffed Grouse
Framed Mini Art Print

by David A. Maass

There are several rivers that empty in to Lake Superior along Minnesota's North Shore. Because of the rocky terrain and extreme drop in elevation, some swift beautiful rapids are created, bordered by many species of evergreen and hardwood trees. The superior hiking trail parallels and crosses some of these rivers including the cascade which I have shown here. While walking the shoreline last fall we startled this pair of Ruffed Grouse that took flight and headed for cover by crossing to the river's far side.

Open edition from the Great Northern Art® Mini Print line. Image size, 5 x 7. Framed size 10.5 x 12.5 with a 1.5 light oak finished moulding. Double matting with spruce green outer mat. (Great Northern Art® images may be available in various print lines.)

GNA Mini; Cascade Crossing-Grouse

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