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Bev Doolittle

Whoo?! WSS From Where Silence Speaks Set 1986

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Item#:  1163

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5 x 13 in.
Limited Edition
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about this piece
Bev Doolittle discusses her Fine Art Print, Whooo!?: It was ten o'clock at night and still light. Jay (Bev's husband) and I were sitting quietly around a campfire on the edge of a small lake in a remote wilderness area of northern Canada. It was July, and the northern latitude gave us daylight until 11:00pm. We were the only two people camped on the lake; in fact, there was no one else in the entire valley. Imagine our disbelief at hearing what sounded like large rocks being thrown into the lake. Closer scrutiny revealed the large rocks to be a beaver slapping his tail on the surface of the lake, loudly demonstrating his alarm and displeasure at having us camped so close to his home. The folllowing day, we located his stick and mud lodge along the shore line. On subsequent evenings, we would crouch behind the lodge and take photographs as the beaver family emerged to gather leaves and twigs from the quaking aspen along the shore. This was my first encounter with beavers. They are interesting, comincal animals, and I enjoyed putting one in the context of surprising a rather solemn neighbor - which also allowed me to play with unusal perspectives.

Whoo?!, print #14 from Where Silence Speaks by Bev Doolittle. US ART named Bev Doolittle one of the most popular artists in the country for 1998. There were 16 collector prints or (MINI prints) in each Where Silence Speaks portfolio which comprised all of her works to that date, plus the limited edition print MISSED. The prints from the portfolio are smaller than the limited editions but have the same high quality printing and color of the larger prints. These prints are NOT cut out of a book. They are not signed or numbered but there are only 3500 Where Silence Speaks portfolios, so they are limited to 3500 of each image. Each one comes with a special page with a description of the print. These are very collectible and valuable prints. This collector print is the next best thing to the larger limited edition.

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