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Bev Doolittle

When the Wind had Wings - Camouflaged Horses

Price:  $399.95
Item#:  12

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48.5 x 9 in.
Signed by the Artist
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about this piece
Bev Doolittle discusses her Fine Art Print When the Wind Had Wings. ' Most of my paintings start with a visual idea. This painting, however, was inspired by some words written by my husband, Jay. One of our friends refined and condensed Jay's words into a single line that expressed the essence of our feelings. Then I combined two painting ideas that visually and emotionally embodied the message Jay had expressed with his words.' When the Wind Had Wings displays the technique and imagination that have made Bev Doolittle the best-selling artist in print. This print is unique, yet evokes fond memories of Bev's most popular works. When the Wind Had Wings is unusual, too, in that it was inspired by Bev's husband, Jay, rather than by an image. Jay was inspired by a special part of an Indian reservation at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains. He used words to express our feelings of the way in which all the ancient peoples had interwoven their lives into rhythms of the natural world. Inspired by his words, Bev gave them life with her watercolor talent. She says, 'I was completely intrigued with the idea of creating a painting that flowed visually from left to right and was linked to a poem that would run directly under it...words and pictures, simultaneously telling a story: A broken song beneath the snow, the echo of a soaring joy, a shape in the mist, a touch in the rain, in wilderness you come again...you tell us what we used to know...you speak for all the free wild things whose ways were ours when the wind had wings.

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