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Doris Mosler

Leonardo Papera

Doris Mosler

Artist Biography

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Doris Mosler

Doris Mosler is drawn into her collage experiments by rich colors, unique forms, and layered textures. Antique textiles with their generous use of patterned colors and designs reflecting natural shapes influence her. Collage and overprinting allows her to combine abstract elements with images derived from nature. The overall harmony and composition of the final work are never known at the start of a piece. In fact, all collaged pieces are printed and layered with overprinting to first create a varied 'library' of print materials. These are then cut, reworked, combined and recombined to create a final composition.

After attending workshops in monotype, Doris knew she had found a medium that offered the versatility and spontaneity she loves and that would satisfy her inner sense of adventure. "When I'm working, the edge of what is ‘given' and what is 'unknown' presents a unique space of being, curiosity about outcome, and finally satisfaction that, for me, is rarely found in such potent and pleasurable form anywhere else in life.”

Doris Mosler Art, Prints and Posters Collection