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Darrell Bush

Artist Biography

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Darrell Bush

Darrell Bush paints a variety of subjects ranging from wildlife, to landscapes, seascapes, nostalgia, and even an occasional still-life. One element echoing through all of his art, prints and posters is the luminescent presence of light. Light, whether man-made or natural creates a mood and helps convey the story.

While earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, Darrell was juried into the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators annual student competition. He then put his education to work in Minneapolis, Minnesota were he worked as an Illustrator for 5 years. He considered this position to be further training, having the opportunity to work under seasoned illustrators with years of experience. He then began his career as a full time painter in 1989. Today there are nearly 100 images done as prints and posters.

Darrell's success continued when he was named among America's 12 most popular artists by four different national art publications. Art publications like USArt magazine conducted these polls annually by surveying North American art galleries, and placed Darrell with high rankings for several years. The same publication named him a Rising Star in 1995.

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