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Alan Blaustein

April Yost

Alan Blaustein

Artist Biography

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Alan Blaustein

Ethereal and impressionistic, Alan Blausteinīs black and white photographs of European scenes are evocative of images shot in the '80 and '90s. More than a reflection of what Europe is like today. They are a rediscovery of where its soul lives. In the very shadow nature of the art, prints and posters, the viewers finds traces of the past, details of things much loved and often overlooked in the hustle and bustle. Alan holds a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and an MFA degree from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. A commercial photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade, Alan has developed a successful career shooting for corporate, advertising and editorial clients.

For the past 12 years Alan Blaustein has been capturing images in European parks and gardens. When there, he likes to shoot in black-and-white, preferably in adverse weather. "I see Europe in black-and-white in my mind's eye because it is so old and there is so much stone and texture. When it is cloudy and dreary out, I can shoot all day. The textures and tones I am looking for show up better when the lighting is soft." Alan prefers to photograph during the sunrise and sunset hours. This gives his photographs a crisp, clean mood; with perfect detail in the highlights and shadows. This provides him with a nice contrast from his cloudy, overcast style of imagery for his art, prints and posters.

Most recently Alan Blaustein has published several calendars and has a book in progress featuring images from parks, gardens, villas, and chateaus in Italy and France. He has also lectured on photographing in European parks and gardens, location lighting, and alternative processes as well as many other topics relating to photography. Some of Alan's commercial photography projects from the last three years have won awards from The Western Art Directors Club, The American Advertising Awards, American Graphic Design Awards, How Magazine's Self-Promotion Award, and Print Magazine's Art and Design Annual. Alan has successfully integrated his fine art approach with his commercial photography to create beautiful art, prints and posters. He has had numerous solo exhibitions over the last few years including a 120 print retrospective in January 1998.

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