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Betsy Cameron

Simona Gocan

Betsy Cameron

Artist Biography

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Betsy Cameron

People of all ages love looking at children exactly the way Betsy Cameron sees them. Since "Two Children' became the best-selling poster in the world, her art, prints and posters have appeared on greeting cards and calendars and in magazines and fine art portfolios. Her photographs have been enjoyed and treasured for nearly two decades.

Betsy's photographs portray the ideal world of childhood, a place of ageless innocence. It seems only natural for Betsy to bring her unique sensibilities to the world of home furnishing. Based on her love of antiques and hand-me-downs, and working hand-in-hand with Lexington Furniture Designers, she created 3 lines of timeless beauty and charm. No one has to be content to merely look at her art, prints and posters, now they can walk in, lie down and dream surrounded by the real world of Betsy Cameron.

Ideas for art, prints and posters come from many places, but Betsy Cameron's Princess Sleepyhead may be the first fairytale to inspire an entire line of furniture. To read the story about a young girl unable to get a good night sleep and follow her journey through dark and forbidding woods in search of the perfect bed visit Princess Sleepyhead.

Betsy Cameron Art, Prints and Posters Collection