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Daniel Phill

Danusia Keusder

Daniel Phill

Artist Biography

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Daniel Phill

Daniel Phill's art, prints and posters range in size from large scale oils on canvas and acrylics on paper to smaller mixed media monotypes. These romantic, lyrical abstractions are arrived at through the intuitive use of shape, color and texture. Gestures within an experimental structure open the way to growth and evolution within the paintings. Through this flowing painterly structure he achieves a dynamic balance of contained energy.

The surfaces of the art, prints and posters record the spontaneous building-up and scraping-away of paint, and the artists reaction to that process in the tradition of abstract expressionism.

By using images suggestive of the human figure, landscape, and other forms from nature and combining these elements in new ways, unique and engaging visual relationships are created. Filled with passages of vibrant color, his bold compositions imbue his art, prints and posters with a heightened sense of space and movement.

Daniel Phill Art, Prints and Posters Collection