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Douglas Chun

Artist Biography

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Douglas Chun

Born in Canton, China in 1932, Douglas Chun was educated in Hong Kong and received his early art training from Honolulu Art Academy. In 1956, he was awarded scholarships from the Chouninard Art Institute and the San Francisco Art Institute. He then lived in the Bay Area working as an architectural illustrator.

His career as a watercolorist began in 1988. After rendering man-made structures for 30 years, he came to the realization that he is most awed and humbled by nature. Inspired by the growing cycles, seasonal changes and lighting subtleties of the vineyards and orchards, he favored these landscapes as his subject matter for art, prints and posters in hopes of increasing public awareness of the fragile land depicted.

Since his recent watercolor trip to Provence and the Burgundy regions of France, he has translated many of his impressions onto paper, creating delightful studies oak trees, vineyards and winding paths. His goal is to continue his journeys to different parts of the land, recording art, prints and posters of nature in his unique impressionistic style.

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