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 Strawberry Field

Ned Young

Artist Biography

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Ned Young

A shape, color, personality or occurrence, these are just some of the things of which artist Ned Young is constantly aware. It is because of this sense of awareness and ability to observe that Ned's art, prints and posters continue to rise in both appeal and popularity. A self-taught artist, Ned maintains that aside from the very basic principles that are taught in a structured academic framework, the best teacher is the one inside yourself. Thus, instead of being confined to a classroom with only one teacher's perspective and bias, Ned chose to study the great works of such artists as N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, Edward Hopper, and Winslow Homer. These artists have painted their own unique surroundings with both strong emotions and depth.

"I have to be emotionally connected to a circumstance before the creative process can begin, and then, and only then, will a painting really sing. Without that very personal connection, the reason for painting doesn't exist, and without the reason it would just become a task and not an extension or a sharing of myself. Ned Young's art, prints and posters are filled with straightforward, truthful images that are blended with both memories and a roaming, childlike imagination.

He has a unique ability to make the viewers of his work feel as though they have visited or actually participated in his art, prints and posters. The places and objects he shares with have a wonderful familiarity about them. Ned and his wife Melanie have three children and live in the Northern Utah town where he grew up. His paintings hang in private and corporate collections throughout the world. Ned Young has enjoyed working with The Lang Companies since 1992.

Ned Young Art, Prints and Posters Collection