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Peter Ellenshaw

Artist Biography

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Peter Ellenshaw

Peter Ellenshaw was born in Great Britain and resides in California. He was associated with Disney Productions for more than 30 years and even won an Oscar for his work on Mary Poppins. Today, collectors internationally seek his art, prints and posters with dramatic landscapes.

Collectors respond to Ellenshaw's broad, impressionistic brushstrokes which convey both the sublety and the magnitude of nature. His technical accuracy is secondary to his ability to infuse the scenes in all his art, prints and posters with poetic beauty.

Realistic and yet just soft enough to have a dream-like quality, Ellenshaw's paintings translate to prints and posters beautifully. Whether the crashing surf of the Pacific or the hustle of Times Square is your style, there's an Ellenshaw print or poster just for you.

Peter Ellenshaw Art, Prints and Posters Collection