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Born in Bulgaria in 1962, Orlin Mantchev or OM, is a contemporary minimalist artist who unites western and eastern culture and values. After selective competition in 1976, OM was accepted to study in Bulgaria's exclusive High School of Fine Arts, winning two scholarships over the duration of five years. In 1989, following six years of classical training, he graduated with a Master's degree in Painting from the prestigious Nicolai Pavlovich University of Fine Arts in Sofia.

In 1990, OM immigrated to Canada, making it his new home, and establishing an art career that has already taken root in Europe. In 1994, after traveling to India and the Himalayas, profound spiritual experiences deepened the artist's vision and perspective of art and life. This experience led to a process of simplification and a movement toward the contemplative. Influenced by Zen meditation, some years later in 1997, the artist launched an experimental studio/gallery in Toronto, OM Art Studio, dedicated to exploring the idea of art as meditation.

Drawing on his love of nature and spirituality, he makes meditative paintings that are both authentic and profound, both uplifting and healing. Speaking of his art, OM has said:

"My art is meditation. My artistic works fuse the rich tradition of European classical painting with Oriental simplicity, resulting in a timeless quietude reminiscent of Zen meditation. They are paintings for the mind as much as for the eye, mappings of mystical territories into which I offer peaceful experiences of the infinity and richness of nature.

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