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Chris Cummings

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Chris Cummings Biography:
Chris Cummings has been involved with horses and art, prints and posters for most of her life. She grew up on a small acreage in Northern California where she got her first horse at the age of seven and from then on there were few times when there wasn't a horse around. After attending the University of California as an art major, she transferred to Humboldt State University where she graduated with a degree in Wildlife Biology. She worked briefly as a wildlife biologist for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada, then began a nomadic life for several years with her husband who also worked for the BLM in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. They finally settled down on a farm in Oregon where they ran a dairy for 10 years, grew cherries, wheat and hay, and raised three girls. The 100-acre farm now consists of hazelnuts, pasture, forest, two Tennessee Walker horses, one cat and a flock of wild turkeys.  >>click here for more
Chris Cummings Quarter Horse

Chris Cummings

Quarter Horse

Magnetic Art

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image: 3 x 3.75 in.

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Chris Cummings Spring Creek Run   -   Horses

Chris Cummings

Spring Creek Run - Ho...

Sculpted Mug


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