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Lee Kromschroeder

Artist Biography

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Lee Kromschroeder

Lee Kromschroeder has been capturing the natural world on canvas since he was four years old. Growing up in Southern California, his early paintings reflected his childhood interests of the ocean, the nearby mountains, and rocket ships. Struggling with traditional academics through high school and college, Kromschroeder always found a sense of freedom through painting art, prints and posters.

The ease with which he was able to create art, prints and posters gave him the self-confidence and approval needed to overcome the scholastic challenges that faced him. Approaching every painting as a researcher would, Kromschroeder engages in extensive research on his subject's anatomy, behavior and habitat. Continually challenging his skills, Kromschroeder's art, prints and posters benefit from his diligence.

His art, prints and posters reveal a brilliant understanding of the natural world and its aesthetics, stirring moods and engaging action. Because of this dedication, he has emerged to the forefront of today's most recognized and celebrated new artists.

Lee Kromschroeder Art, Prints and Posters Collection