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Stephen Lyman

The Intruder

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27.5 x 16.625 in.
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about this piece
One of the most intelligent, loving and social creatures on earth, the wolf occupies an integral, necessary place in the ecosystem. Man's dislike of wolves has ancient roots, mostly because of its vying with man in pursuit of big game. His haunting howls at night, aggressive predatory behavior in packs, ghostly presence and piercing eyes all contribute to the public's fear of and prejudice against the big, bad wolf. Along with so many other wild animals, man has killed, trapped and chased the wolf until they can only be found in the most remote wilderness.

In the twilight glow of evening, a pack of wolves picks up the scent of an intruder to their territory. Is it a grizzly? A mountain lion? A lone wolf? The wolves have left their scent to mark the pack's territory, usually hundreds of square miles in area and to serve as warning to any intruders that they are trespassing. In this painting, the pack has paused briefly to communicate to other pack members, through howling, the whereabouts of the stranger before bounding over the icy creek to pursue the intruder.

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