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Roger Broders

Michael Buxton

Roger Broders

Artist Biography

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Roger Broders

In the period between the wars (1920 - 1931), Roger Broders was the finest designer of French travel art, prints and posters. Many were for the French Railway Company, the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee (PLM). Hired by the PLM to promote tourism, Broders images ranged from the regions of Alsace Lorraine, Vichy and Jura down the Rhone river into Bourgogne and the French Alps, leading down to the south of France. Some of his most famous tourism posters were mountain and ski scenes in and around Chamonix and Mount Blanc. But above all, perhaps, he is the posterist, laureate of the beautiful Cote díAzur, the colorful locations of Marseilles, Hyeres, Sainte Maxim, Grasse, Antibes, Villefranche, Monte Carlo and Menton, to mention a few.

A colorful waterfront, sails, Palm trees, bright sand, chic bathers, the green and purple Alps and maritimes in the distance, Broders all but made these his proprietary trademarks. Roger Broders was the creator of a very graphic style, whose simplified lines mark a new period in the tourism art, poster and poster and usher in the style of the 30ís. His large, flat areas of color recall the cubists, Kandinsky, Severini, La Fresnaye and Delaunay. His color harmonies are very strong, even audacious, but always evocative of and close to the spirit of the subject.

He was especially masterful at setting up his compositions, often elevated to provide some panoramic sweep and always framing the view so as to focus interest, just where desired. The result was always an engaging, effective design, one doesnít just view the scene, one comes upon it. These rarely available historically significant art, prints and posters are coveted by French collectors and fine poster connoisseurs everywhere. The Chicago Center for the Print is proud to offer for sale the finest collection of Roger Broders posters ever exhibited in the United States.

Roger Broders Art, Prints and Posters Collection