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Randall Scott

D. Rusty Rust

Randall Scott

Artist Biography

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Randall Scott

Randall Scott is an internationally known wildlife artist who takes you on exciting adventures through his intriguing art, prints and posters of the underwater world. A native Californian and accomplished diver, Randall grew up fascinated by Jacques Cousteau’s adventures and “Sea Hunt”. He spent most of his youth exploring the Pacific Coast and his fascination with oceanography and sea life grew and still grows with every dive. Diving gear became a part of Randall’s life at a very young age. Implementing creative parenting skills, Randall’s father gave him his first diving mask to assist in making “bathtime” a more pleasant experience. Little did he know the significance of his technique.

Randall’s Passion for art was fuelled by his father who was himself a highly recognized Western landscape artist and his mother, a watercolor artist. In addition to passing on their natural talents, they shared with him many techniques, helped him explore varied styles and introduced him to other skilled artists. Art, like diving, gave Randall freedom and discovery of his own skills. Randall has successfully combined these two diverse pursuits in his art, prints and posters. After years of honing his artistic and diving skills, he is considered one of today’s finest underwater and marine artist. Offering a truly authentic and sensitive account of the underwater world, his ultimate goal with each new painting is to bring audiences under the water surface. Randall paints underwater scenes realistically; “I want to give people an opportunity to see ocean life as it really is, as if you would be going down with a mask for the first time”. He searches his subjects through observation and underwater photography. His travels have taken him all over the world. From his native California , to Australia, the South Pacific, the Caribbean Sea and Florida.

From his trips to Truk (scene of hellish World War II fighting) and Palau, in Micronesia came the inspiration for a series of underwater World War II era airplane wrecks that have become quite popular. These airplanes include: a P-51, a Japanese Zero, a P-38, a B-25 Bomber, a Dauntless Dive Bomber, a P-40, a ME-109, and a F4U Corsair. For a serious scuba diver, diving these wrecks is more exciting than anything other than perhaps finding a wrecked Spanish Galleon. Randall’s art, prints and posters are featured at both art and scuba shows and has been shown in many of the finest artistic, wildlife and diving magazines all over the world. Randall also contributed to two books: “Wildlife Painting Step by Step” and “Wildlife, the Artist’s view”. Randall and his wife Donna currently reside in Florida.

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