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Pietro Adamo

Artist Biography

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Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo was born in Toronto, Canada in 1955 and currently lives in Woodbridge, Ontario. He attended the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in Toronto and is now an art professor at Chaminade College School. Working from his home studio, Adamo began his career two decades ago as a Realist landscape painter and was commissioned to do art, prints and posters of prominent political figures of members of parliament. Adamo, though, could never escape his profound interest in the abstract.

In his passion to convey an emotion, a place or any image that stirs his memory, Adamo abandons the monotony of conventional subject matter in favor of vibrancy, spontaneity and organic brushwork. His uncanny ability to marry sophisticated geometric spatial relationships to raw and emotional use of color, texture and form lends his art, prints and posters optimism and strength.

Adamo has participated in one-man shows and group shows in North America and Europe. He was co-owner of a gallery in Toronto, where his art, prints and posters were predominant and sold regularly. Private owners and collectors of his work can be found throughout North America and Europe.

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