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A. Fitzsimmons

Paul Cezanne

Artist Biography

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Paul Cezanne

Visionary ahead of his time, Cezanne’s innovative style, use of perspective, composition and color profoundly influenced 20th century art, prints and posters. Picasso developed Cezanne’s planar compositions into cubism, and Matisse greatly admired his use of color. He used color with passion and creativity, giving his brush strokes structure, solidity, durability.

Pablo Picasso said the following of the artist “My one and only master . . . Cezanne was like the father of us all”. Cezanne is therefore often described as the “father of modern art”.

Unfortunately, Cezanne was the ultimate outsider and his art, prints and posters were misunderstood during most of his life. Success came little and late, although young promising painters came to visit him during his last years.

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