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Paul Calle

Greg Farrugia

Paul Calle

Artist Biography

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Paul Calle

Whether the wild Western plains of days gone by or today's frontier of outer space, Paul Calle captures the moment with precision and skill in all of his art, prints and posters. Calle has mastered the art of pencil drawing as well as painting with oils.

Calle's panoramic Western landscapes can take years to complete. He has chosen not to romanticize the Old West but to accurately portray the hardships faced by the subjects. Our nations early years are brought to life by the skilled hands of the artist through his art, prints and posters.

"I find my inspiration in all the life that surrounds and envelops me,of the timelessness of the rocks, the trees, of man, his land, the sky and the sea. This is my world, and I relish it with great affection." - Paul Calle -

Paul Calle Art, Prints and Posters Collection