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Marta Wiley

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Marta Wiley

Artist Biography

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Marta Wiley

Marta Wiley's art is as colorful, captivating, and varied as the artist herself. Born in Mexico City, Wiley is of European, Irish, and Cherokee descent. Her grandmother, also an artist, is credited with channeling young Wiley’s wild streak into the fine arts. Formally trained at Otis Parsons School of Design, time and maturity have not stilled her childhood energy and spirit. Her passions run as deeply and soulfully as her dignified figurative creations.

Her inspiration comes from a variety of places - from the mystical and mythological experimental films of Maya Daren, to Carlos Castenada’s writing, to meditation. These inspirations are evident in her work - the dreamlike figuratives, the romantic, fantastical quality of her settings, the bold texturing and decisive detailing. These combine to produce a piece that is as seductive as it is contemplative. Additional influences are the work and technique of Sargeant, Edvard Munch, and Kathe Kollowitz.

“My concerns are for the planet, the evolution of the human species, and the balance between the environment and those who are responsible for its continuation. I believe in being aware of personal actions and reactions in order to place the utmost responsibility on the individual. I believe in the individual as a source of ultimate manifestation - in balance and beauty with all living creatures. This is what turns me on the most - the ultimate attainment of the Highest Self, ­physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

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