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Lowell Herrero

Artist Biography

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Lowell Herrero

Lowell Herrero celebrates America! The message is clear; the mood is lighthearted and unaffected. His sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous art, prints and posters are images of today and today’s characters; their energies, their humor, their psyches. A graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts, Herrero was born in Oakland in 1921 and still resides on the West Coast. An acclaimed illustrator since the 1950’s, Herrero headed his own design firm which created images for corporations such as Bank of America and Chevrolet.

In the late 1970’s he closed his firm to devote full time to painting art, prints and posters. In going from illustration to fine art, Herrero informed the community of his decision by renting a billboard announcing his career change and has been painting canvases ever since. Herrero exhibited a tendency toward an exaggerated, out-of-scale style early in his career and since then he has refined his tendencies into a style somewhat reminiscent of Rousseau or Grandma Moses, but uniquely his own.

Since then we have seen cats and cows, nuns and hunters, cran-berry bogsmen, ladies rowing clubs, delta farmers and fisherwomen, each doing their own thing. Herrero’s deceptively innocent lighthearted art, prints and posters show us how much a part of our world and ourselves these characters really are.

Lowell Herrero Art, Prints and Posters Collection