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L. Gordon

Artist Biography

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L. Gordon

As one of America's most well known Impressionists and as an artist for 40+ years, L. Gordon has been painting art, prints and posters in watercolors, oils, acrylics, and pastels creating wonderful images of a variety of subjects: children, historical sites, Civil War scenes, animals, romantic places, just to name a few. Gordon became hooked on art in grade school when he drew a picture on the cover of a geography report and was awarded a better grade. His interest continued in high school and later in college where, in his art studies, he began a lifetime of exploration and work in many styles of artistic creation.

L. Gordon has enjoyed a life rich in art; he has lived in picturesque locales such as the French Quarter, which was a continuous source of inspiration, to the rugged, western landscape of New Mexico. The artist has traveled throughout the United States and also has spent extensive time in Europe visiting the great museums and sketching the many places that become part of his art, prints and posters. He is never without his sketch pad anywhere the artist visits offers an opportunity to create a new canvas.

Gordon acknowledges the influence of impressionist masters such as Manet, Monet, Pisarro, and Sisley. They made wonderful, new discoveries that have helped me make my own. I love to believe I'm part of a long line of traditional painters, says the artist. From an extensive library of reference photos and sketches gathered from his many years of travel, Gordon chooses a thought in the form of a single image, then builds an imaginary environment around it. On his canvas, he paints in broad areas in soft colors. Next, he selects stronger colors, much like Monet, and applies them in many layers. He then begins to overpaint selected areas, allowing the underpainting to show through. Finally, Gordon adds more color in quick, expressionistic brushstrokes, giving his composition momentum and producing a suggestion of movement, which enhances the compelling vibrancy of his art, prints and posters.

L. Gordon Art, Prints and Posters Collection