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Kim Donaldson

A. Fitzsimmons

Kim Donaldson

Artist Biography

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Kim Donaldson

Acclaimed wildlife artist Kim Donaldson’s masterful renderings bring the untamed spirit and breathtaking beauty of endangered African animals to life. Born in Zimbabwe, the artist was raised on a farm where he developed a keen knowledge and love of nature. His artistic talent, apparent at any early age, was nurtured by his teachers and he was encouraged to pursue a career in art, prints and posters.

While working as a commercial artist, Donaldson continued to study fine art, prints and posters, experimenting with a variety of media and subjects. Donaldson’s signature style captures endangered African animals in meticulous detail and portrays the fragile relationship between his subjects and their environment.

Each year Donaldson spends two months traveling through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia observing threatened species of wildlife in their natural habitats. Donaldson’s art, prints and posters have been featured in numerous exhibitions aimed at raising the awareness of the plight of vanishing wildlife and rainforest habitats.

Kim Donaldson Art, Prints and Posters Collection