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Karen Avery

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Karen Avery

Artist Biography

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Karen Avery

From the time Karen Avery could hold a pencil in her hand, she was drawing on the walls, sidewalks and eventually paper. At an early age she won numerous design awards, but did not actually begin formal training until she attended Long Beach State University in Southern California, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration.

One month after graduating, Avery found a job with a major greeting card company and began her professional career producing art, prints and posters. In addition to early design awards, Karen was nominated in 1994 for a “Louie" at the New York Stationery and Gift Show for imprintable invitations.

Inspired by French Impressionism, Avery learned to paint in oils many years ago, and is currently working in gouache, which she uses both transparently and opaquely in her art, prints and posters. Her designs vary from turn of the century, to art deco, to the comforting innocence of the country home look.

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