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K. Haines Dench

Andy Westface

K. Haines Dench

Artist Biography

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K. Haines Dench

Whoever looks at K. Haines Dench’s art, prints and posters can see the tranquility and peace that it shows. Born in 1949, Dench is a native of the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and two children.

She received her formal education at Whitman College, Western Washington University, and the University of Washington, but she believes she has learned far more in her studio. She has had exhibitions of her art, prints and posters in California and New York as well as the Northwest among other areas.

Dench’s artistic explorations in art, prints and posters have involved oil and acrylics, pastels, monoprints of every conceivable description, woodcut, printing, and since late 1992, she has been building and learning to use a computerized art studio.

K. Haines Dench Art, Prints and Posters Collection