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Juarez Machado

Melissa Donoho

Juarez Machado

Artist Biography

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Juarez Machado

Juarez Machado was born in Joinville, Brazil in 1941 and studied art at the School of Music and Fine Arts in Parana. Presently Machado paints art, prints and posters in his studio in Paris, France. His canvases show an intensity not seen since the turn of the century.

Taking great pleasure from painting and considering himself to be a painter of self-portraits, Machado identifies himself to the people he paints in his art, prints and posters. One of his favorite subjects, the female, is always portrayed in black with pale skin, having achieved an age equal to his. He feels this is what makes a woman pretty.

Machado’s art, prints and posters explodes into creative fire. This intensity gives Machado his identity. “Painting is my greatest pleasure and gives me my identity. I have built myself; I owe my bones to drawing, my flesh to some colors, and my blood to emotion.”

Juarez Machado Art, Prints and Posters Collection