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Joan Colomer

Andy Westface

Joan Colomer

Artist Biography

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Joan Colomer

Joan Colomer was born in San Feliu De Palleros in the Catalonia region of Spain in 1965. Raised among the rich artistic heritage of his family and the inspirational landscape tradition immediately surrounding him in the Catalonia region of Spain, Colomer and his two brothers learned to paint at a young age under the tutelage of their father, also an artist of art, prints and posters.

Painting steadily, Colomor mastered complicated techniques quickly, interrupting his rapid progress only to attend the university in Barcelona. After receiving his degree in philosophy and liberal arts, Colomer based himself in Madrid and traveled extensively to study masterpieces in the world’s greatest museums.

In 1990, he married and continued his studies in Madrid at the Municipal School of Beaux Arts. Soon after, he began exhibiting art, prints and posters in both Barcelona and Madrid. In 1993, Colomer moved to the countryside where he currently resides with his wife and two children.

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