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Elya DeChino

A. Fitzsimmons

Elya DeChino

Artist Biography

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Elya DeChino

Elya Dechino was born in 1955 in Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother was a well-known impressionistic landscape painter, and her spirit of experimentation left a lasting impression on Dechino as a young boy. After graduating from the prestigious Tbilisi Academy of Art in 1979, Dechino became increasingly prolific and his art, prints and posters more experimental.

His talent was recognized by the USSR Union of Artists, which was then under the strict censorial control of the Communist regime, despite Dechinoís strong opposition to Communist ideology and its oppression of free artistic expression. With the advent of Gorbachevís Perestroika, Dechino took the opportunity to exhibit his art, prints and posters in Western Europe.

His art, prints and posters successfully transcended national boundaries, receiving acclaim wherever it was shown. Dechino immigrated to the United States following the civil wars in the former USSR and has found powerful inspiration in the complex Southern landscapes and history.

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