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Dalhart Windberg

Artist Biography

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Dalhart Windberg

The art, prints and posters of Dalhart Windberg are not defined by subject matter, style of painting, or by any convenient association with a “school of art.” The uncommon thread that runs through all of his work is the unmistakable quality of a master painter.

His exquisite still life art, prints and posters exhibit the same depth of insight as his landscapes and both may be rendered with either Windberg’s unique smooth surface technique or his dramatic painting knife style.

A lifetime of dedication as an artist has made Windberg one of the most widely known and collected artists in America. Many collectors have discovered the art, prints and posters of Windberg through the reproductions published from his original oil paintings. Collectors now own well over 200,000 prints from his 150 sold out editions. From four to six new editions are released each year and are carried by over 400 art galleries and frame shops nationwide.

Dalhart Windberg Art, Prints and Posters Collection